The Cave, 2012-2014
A series of performances made for cave-like spaces and a small audience. Using tableau vivant, costumes, and story-telling. Hosted by Machine Project.

The Hour of the Cat, with Justin Streichman
Clarice Lispectorís novel The Passion According to GH, read by Eartha Kitt-era catwomen, as portrayed by both Hedva and Streichman.
—at The Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House, September 2014

Death and the Engines, with Claire Kohne—
A child choir is murdered with various objects (toy sword, raygun, fake rock) by Death personified, and then she sings a lament about it, with an accordion (no documentation).
—at the Machine Project Mystery Theatre, November 2103

The Cave, with Páll Haukur—
Giacomo Casanovaís memoir History of My Life, read by Tycho Brahe (post-sword-duel-nose-injury) and Gram Parsons (post-funereal-incineration-attempt-in-the-desert), as portrayed by Hedva and Haukur, respectively.
—at Machine Projectís Storefront Window, April 2012
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