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Sweden Songs by The Nellie Monk, 2004
In 2004 I recorded an album under the name The Nellie Monk. I was 20 years old, living in a village of fewer than 300 people in Sweden, during the wintertime. I'd moved to a place called Trädet (which means, literally, "that tree"), to be with a Swede, who told me, a few days after I arrived, that he just wanted to be friends. I spent that winter-hell in a 100-year-old house with eleven empty rooms. It had to be heated by a wood-burning furnace in the basement. There were always frogs in the shower because it was the only place with unfrozen water anywhere.

1. Snowmen (for Nick Cave), 3:32
2. Goodnight, 1:04
3. Punk Song (and then it sucks), 2:53
4. It Hurts, 3:49
5. Upstairs, 2:16
6. Whales, 2:23
7. Dog, 4:49
8. Sad, 3:18

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