This Earth, Our Hospital, in progress
A project of writing and performances on the politics and experience of sickness, disability, and healing under ableist imperial-colonial white-supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchal capitalism; how healing and justice are the same; how trauma is embodied; how vulnerability is the default, and so support must be primary; how mysticism, witchcraft, and nursing are some solutions; how care manifests in radical sociality.

May 2016, In Defense of De-Persons, GUTS Magazine
Jan 2016, Sick Woman Theory, Mask Magazine

readings, performances, interviews & workshops
11/12/17, “Coalitions of Care” at Take Care, HAU2, Berlin
8/9/17, interview in Monstering
4/21/17, The Body Under It Is In My Hands, Perdu, Amsterdam
6/5/16, Autohagiography Workshop, WCCW
5/7/16, FACETS Conference, NYU
4/16/16, Pomona College Women's Union
4/15/16, A new job to unwork at, LACE
4/3/16, at land’s edge: Dialogues, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
4/2/16, Yes Femmes, HRLA
4/16, interview in GRAPHITE Journal
3/31/16, Sick/Tender/Haunted, South of Sunset
3/26/16, SICK FEST, Oakland
2/23/16, Writing the Body, Pitzer College
2/7/16, Interview on The Oracle Hour, KCHUNG
11/15/15, “The Body as Politic in Art and Theory,” SLSA 2015
10/7/15, My Body Is a Prison of Pain so I Want to Leave It Like a Mystic But I Also Love It & Want it to Matter Politically, sponsored by WCCW, hosted at HRLA

fellowships and residencies
2018, residency at FD13, Minneapolis
2015-2016, research fellow with at land's edge, Fred Moten (mentor)