indexThe Greek Cycle — She Work,  There’s Time,  Odyssey Odyssey,  Motherload
The Greek Cycle, 2012 - 2015
The Greek Cycle is four plays that I adapted and directed from four Ancient Greek texts, three tragedies and one epic. The originals have been feministed and queered, and relocated into contemporary Los Angeles. Each piece was developed in close collaboration with the performers of each work.

The essay, “Euripides Is Not a Genius. I Am”, a critical reflection on all four plays, was published in Eleven Eleven in January 2016.

She Work, adapted from Medea by Euripides, 2015
There's Time, adapted from Alcestis by Euripides, 2014
Odyssey Odyssey, adapted from The Odyssey by Homer, 2013
Motherload, adapted from Hecuba by Euripides, 2012
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