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My New Criticality and Other Stories from the Contemporary Art World, 2012
A book of stories.

10 pages, 70lb paper, 4.25 in x 5.5 in.
Edition of 20. For free, in the show Position,
at PØST.

Story 1, My New Criticality:

The stairwell in my apartment is sort of outdoors,
with a two-storey window instead of a wall. There are always a bunch of bugs trapped against the glass, making noise and trying to get free. They eventually die there, so the landing of the stairs is constantly dirty with heaps of dead flies, bees, moths, and mosquitos. The other day when I came home from school, there was a big tiger swallowtail butterfly trapped in there. It was so beautiful. It looked like it was having a hard time. It was moving its wings slowly, really tired, like it was almost ready to give up. I said aw out loud and moved to save it. Then I realized that I only wanted to save it because it was beautiful. Ive never felt the need to save any of the flies or bees or gnats or mosquitos that have been trapped there before. So—I let it die.
wait for it