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Johanna Hedva writes and performs. She is a fourth-generation Los Angelena on her mother’s side and, on her father’s side, the granddaughter of a woman who escaped from North Korea. She is disabled, queer, and gender-nonbinary.

Hedva is the author of the novel, On Hell, forthcoming from Sator Press in 2018. From 2012 to 2015, her series of queered Ancient Greek plays, The Greek Cycle, was performed in Los Angeles, in venues like a Honda Odyssey being driven down the freeway. She has published several books in handmade limited editions, and her writing has appeared in Black Warrior Review, Entropy, Mask Magazine, 3:AM, DREGINALD, and others. Her ongoing project This Earth, Our Hospital includes the essays Sick Woman Theory and In Defense of De-persons. She’s a witch, who has read astrology and tarot since childhood, when she was taught by her mother and aunt.

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2018, essay: “Moon In Cancer in the 8th House,” Rockhaven: A History of Interiors, Which Witch LA
2017, five poems in DREGINALD, Issue 11
2017, fiction: “Zinat,” The Black Warrior Review, Issue 43.2
2017, three poems: “How to Apologize to the Fatherland,” “How to Apologize for the Fatherland,” and “Ghosts on My Cock,” Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed, Issue 2
2017, excerpt: “Sick Woman Theory,” in Open in Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health, Asian American Literary Review
2016, six poems: The Journal Petra, Issue 04
2016, essay: In Defense of De-Persons, GUTS Magazine
2016, essay: “Euripides Is Not a Genius. I Am.” Eleven Eleven
2016, essay: Sick Woman Theory, Mask Magazine
2015, story: “Man Church,” Entropy
2015, poem: “Final poem,” Enclave
2015, three poems: “Leopard,” “Metanoia,” and “Mnemosyne,” 3:AM
2015, encyclopedia: Everything Is Erotic Therefore Everything Is Exhausting, Two Serious Ladies
2015, 103 fables: Incunabula, online archive
2014, three poems: “Vedrò,” “Bíða,” and “Love Poem,” Circle 3
2013, “Contract for a Muse”, issue 01, Baumtest Quaterly
2011, three poems: “Woman,” “Fidanzata/Fidanzato,” “[blowjob excerpt],” PANK Magazine, issue 6.08
2011, excerpt “To the Left Armpit of Mattia Casalegno and Other Love Letters,” InDigest Magazine, no. 20
2006, “The Dunes,”, issue 17
2006, “Eagles,” Nerve Cowboy, #21


2017, Important Part, Universität der Künste Berlin
2016, Sick Witch, YES FEMMES, Human Resources, Los Angeles
2015, She Work, d e e p s l e e e p, Los Angeles
2015, Ancient Monuments to What, Off-Road Expo, Machine Project & High Desert Test Sites, secret desert location
2014, The Hour of the Cat, with Justin Streichman, Gamble House, The Machine Project Field Guide to The Gamble House, Pasadena
2014, Mystery Reader, Project X Desk, Los Angeles
2014, There’s Time, PAM, Los Angeles
2014, reading, Six Texts (part of Six and Six), The Hornedo, Los Angeles
2013, Death and The Engines, with Claire Kohne, Machine Project Mystery Theater, Los Angeles
2013, Odyssey Odyssey, The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture, Getty Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A., Los Angeles
2013, Value, KCHUNG Radio, Los Angeles
2013, The First Person, CalArts, Los Angeles
2013, A Set of Wishes, CalArts, Los Angeles
2012, Ten-Year Poem, C-Block, CalArts, Los Angeles
2012, Biblierotolalia, Small Form Space, Perform NOW!, Los Angeles
2012, Let’s Start with the Obvious, Southern Exposure, San Francisco
2012, Motherload, CalArts, Valencia
2011, Actually, It Happened a Moment Ago, driveways in California
2011, Signs of Thinking, Anatomy Riot No. 42, Los Angeles
2011, Orgasm Serenade, Prinzessinnen Studio, Berlin
2011, Everything Is Erotic Therefore Everything Is Exhausting, PØST, Los Angeles
2010, My Real Presence, with Megan May Daalder, Real Presence 10, Belgrade
2010, The Intimacy Game, Broad Art Center, UCLA, Los Angeles
2010, Interactions (Scent), MIT, Cambridge
2010, Interactions (Scent), Subtle Bodies, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
2010, It’s a Question, Matter, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles


2016, contribution in SHINE-A-LIGHT
2016, Need need need, need. Need? Need. Reader Issue 9, Ten Readers
2015, My Cellar Doors, Reader Issue 8, Ten Readers
2014, Horizontal, with Johannes Beck, Reader Issue 7, Ten Readers
2013, Mam Ama, with Lauralee Pope, Reader Issue 5, Ten Readers
2013, On Birds and Their Hollow Bones, first edition of 10 handmade paperbacks
2013, The Crow and The Queen, first edition of 10 handmade hardcovers
2012, Incunabula, Reader Issue 4, Ten Readers
2012, How to Live in The/My Bed, Reader Issue 3, Ten Readers
2012, Permanent Winter, Reader Issue 2, Ten Readers
2011, Recent Poems (In My Life), Reader Issue 1, Ten Readers
2011, Plays, 2010 – 2011, first edition of 40 handmade paperbacks


2017, Mystic Hyperstitians in the Heart of Empire, The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon
2016, The Fraud that Goes Under the Name of Love, Audain Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
2015, Pushing the Press: The Typecraft Design Library, Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles
2014, Chaos and Cosmos, The Cube, Valencia
2013, Subject Matters, curated by Claire de Dobay Rifelj, Mandarin Plaza, Los Angeles
2013, Yella, CalArts, Los Angeles
2013, This Destroys That!, Design Matters Gallery, Los Angeles
2012, October Sunrise, 323 Projects, Los Angeles
2012, Position, PØST, curated by Ali Kheradyar, Los Angeles
2011, $1/Minute, strangeways academy, Los Angeles
2010, In Real Life, EDA, Los Angeles
2009, Super Santa Barbara, 121 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara
2009, We Are, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles

PUBLIC-NESS (readings, lectures, panels, workshops)

2017, reading and panel speaker, Take Care: The Future Clinic for Critical Care symposium, No Limits Theater Festival, HAU2, Berlin
2017, lecture, The Body Under It Is In My Hands, Perdu, Amsterdam
2016, workshop, Autohagiography: I Am My Own Ecstasy, Suffering, Love, Pain, and Magic, And I Will Write About it in the Face of Those Who Tell Me Not To, WCCW, Los Angeles
2016, lecture, FACETS conference, New York University, New York City
2016, lecture, Pomona College Women’s Union, Claremont
2016, lecture, A new job to unwork at, LACE, LA
2016, reading, “that horror, was that love?”, xii-xix, a talk series, An Invitation of Sorts, LA
2016, panel speaker, at land’s edge: Dialogues, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, LA
2016, reading, Sick, Tender, Haunted, South of Sunset, LA
2016, reading, SICK FEST, Chapter 510, Oakland
2016, workshop, for Writing the Body, Pitzer College, Claremont
2016, workshop, Inter-Sensoria-Nautics (for Art, Life, Art School, and Beyond), for (Un)Common Sense, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena
2015, panel co-moderator, “Biased Data: A Panel Discussion on Intersectionality and Internet Ethics,” with Safiya Noble, Marika Cifor, An Xiao Mina, and Casey Reas, UCLA
2015, panel speaker, “The Body as Politic in Art and Theory,” with Vivian Sming and Chandler McWilliams, SLSA 2015 Conference, After Biopolitics, Rice University
2015, reading, “My Body Is a Prison of Pain So I Want to Leave It Like a Mystic But I Also Love It and Want it to Matter Politically,” sponsored by Women’s Center for Creative Work, hosted at Human Resources, Los Angeles
2015, panel co-organizer and speaker, “Seven Voices on Race, Gender, Ability, and Class for FLOSS and the Internet,” Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon
2014, panel organizer and moderator, “What Does Art Practice Have to Do with Political Activism?”, with Willem Henri Lucas, Dan Bustillo, and Chandler McWilliams, Armory Center for the Arts
2014, panel speaker, “How to Cite a Leaked Document: Civil Disobedience in the Digital Age,” WHAP! Lecture Series, Dept. of Aesthetics and Politics, CalArts
2014, workshop, Department of Theater, California Institute of the Arts
2013, visiting artist speaker, Department of Art, Pomona College of Art
2012, visiting artist speaker, Department of Art, Pomona College of Art
2012, visiting artist, Studio Visits, Department of Art, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena
2010, lecture, International Fulbright Science and Technology Conference, Art|Sci Center, Los Angeles
2010, lecture, California Nanosystems Institute, Los Angeles


2016, Dream, “You were in my dream last night. I don’t remember much except it was about going back and forth in hallways, wanting to try on coats that were needed b/c it was cold, but there was a ride to an opera not to miss so the hallways seemed too long. And somehow also being a security guard for cars.” Emma Borges-Scott, New York City
2016, Dream, “You were wearing red and holding this super long metal pole that went up out of my field of vision. I couldn't see what was on the other end of the pole but it seemed to me that it was supporting some kind of structure, a structure that we were both inside of but that was invisible to us (either actually invisible or just itself very large). Anyway, you were just standing there holding this pole and then I woke up.” Sam Lavigne, New York City
2016, Astral projection, We Put a Spell on You: A Witches Cabaret, Machine Project
2016, Dream, “You, Claire, and Dara were healers and I was visiting you to be healed. You had a cloth sack filled with small cut-out drawings, and I reached in to select one for my ceremony. I laid down on my side, and as I began nestling the drawing deep into my hair, the three of you began singing.” Emily Dupree, Chicago
2016, Dream, “Johanna in my dream last night we had an adopted daughter and she called you Moomi and she called me Summit.” Claire Kohne, Los Angeles
2015, Dream, “I had a dream last night that I was saying how much I dislike batman and you touched my arm and said ‘but he is sick’ and then the rest of the dream was thinking about batman and mental illness.” Chandler McWilliams, Los Angeles
2015, Dream, “i had a great dream about you. you came to poland for holiday. we were about to go for a road trip. we were planning to go the countryside, but i also wanted to show you some fierce provincial theatre. i couldn’t remember the name of it for the fuck of it (which is strange since now it comes so easily, gardzienice). regardless, everything seemed very promising, grandiose even. you looked absolutely stunning and, forgive the term, noble. poised. i felt like i was about to drive a fucking queen.” Wojciech Kosma, Berlin, Germany
2015, Dream, “I had a dream about you and there was a thin red seam running vertically through the middle of it like it was going to split. Are you okay? That is second dream of you with a splitting seam. First seam was in a whale belly.” Claire Kohne, New Orleans, Louisiana
2015, Dream, “you were choreographing a dance piece with about 4-5 people in it. i was one of the dancers, doing contemporary dance moves on the floor (as i so often like doing) and would occasionally shape shift into a snake. not really a thin slivery snake, but more like this: ” Vivian Sming, Saratoga
2014, Guest MFA Reviewer, Department of Design Media Arts, UCLA
2013, Guest MFA Reviewer, Department of Design Media Arts, UCLA
2013, Dream, “I had a dream last night that I had you in my arms but you were not conscious. I guess it was normal to have mannequins of people you knew. And I danced you around and then pulled you close to my face and said ‘are you here?’ and you said ‘no, but you did this before in Amsterdam’ and I said ‘are you ok’ and you said ‘yes.’” Megan May Daalder, Los Angeles
2012, Dream, “I dreamt that you were working at like a dark, juggalo carnival. It was pretty hot,” Ben Dean, Los Angeles
2011 – present, various dreams, Sarah Petersen
2011, Letter from an ex, “You’re a fucking she-devil who put a hex on me,” Los Angeles
2011, Dream, “I just dreamt that you shaved your head and transplanted some of the hair into a mustache.
You had a tan suit on and were maintaining a personal space bubble of about ten feet. We were at a joint funeral / estate sale.
If you’d have smiled, the mustache would have been compromised, so you didn’t.” Evin Wolverton, California
2010, Dream, “naked performance artist steals university chancellor’s pen, makes getaway on roof,” Jessica Wen-di Tan, Los Angeles
2010, Dream, “full body mechanical sex machine,” Everett Pelayo, New York City


2017, Brianna Albers, Sick Woman Theory: An Interview, Monstering Magazine, Apotheosis
2017, Rosie Accola, Astrology of Disability, Hooligan Magazine, issue #19
2016, Raia Small, make/shift Journal, issue 19
2016, Lucy Blagg, Lucy Blagg Talks to Johanna Hedva, GRAPHITE JOURNAL
2016, Radio interview with The Oracle of LA, The Oracle Hour, KCHUNG
2015, Vivian Sming, Interview with Johanna Hedva, Daily Serving
2015, Carol Cheh, Q&A with Johanna Hedva: She Work, a collaboration with Nickels Sunshine, another righteous transfer!
2014, Alex Purves, Homer’s Odyssey Performed in a Honda Odyssey, KCET Artbound


2015, research fellow, at land’s edge, Fred Moten (mentor), Los Angeles
2014, writer in residence, Project X Desk, X-TRA & Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena
2014, artist in residence, PAM, Los Angeles
2014, artist in residence, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito


2016, PhD, Nursing, Los Angeles College
2014, MA, Aesthetics and Politics, California Institute of the Arts
2013, MFA, Art, California Institute of the Arts
2010, BA, Design, UCLA

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